Grief & Bereavement
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If you have been affected by bereavement and grief, you might want to check out out our partner charities: At a Loss & Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland. They are here to help you through what can be the most difficult time of your life.

  • At A Loss.

    Signposting the Bereaved to Support is the most comprehensive hub of bereavement support and information for anyone bereaved and for those supporting bereaved people in the UK. You can easily search using filters according to age, location, relationship to the deceased and circumstances of death and find support from the many hundreds of services listed, confident that the details are accurate and up to date, cover the whole of the UK and offer choices from a wide range of support available. Useful things to read, helplines and a FREE live-chat counselling service are also available on to help anyone deal with their loss, whatever the circumstances.

    As a charity we are committed to collaborating with others to encourage healthy discussions about the one sure thing in life - that all our lives will, at some point, come to an end. We are keen to work through different mediums and Mariana Conde Grant’s film ‘Mar Sin Leat’ is set to tackle the topic head on in creative ways. The film addresses the raw grief of those of us left behind, related to complex feelings and emotions tied up with relationships before the death occurred. As with any of us dealing with the loss of someone close, the emotions take the heroine, Skye by surprise. Others of us, like Skye, will find ourselves grappling with unexpressed or associated grief from long ago that emerges as we face a current bereavement.

    The aim of is to ensure that no-one bereaved is left without appropriate support when we need it. Bereavement is like a journey and we need to take each step at a time. Whatever the circumstances, don’t feel alone. There is help on hand to be found on our website. It’s important we use it to avoid mental health complications arising. Go to for support, information and FREE web counselling.

    At a Loss - Charity signposting to bereavement support services, information, helplines and resources.
  • Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

    Compassionate grief and bereavement support in Scotland.

    Everyone experiences bereavement at some stage in their life, whether it’s the death of a parent, a loved one, a friend or a child. The experience often means that our lives will never be the same again. Sometimes the feelings – despair, loneliness or even guilt – may overwhelm us, so much so that we need help. In time, and with support, we can work through such feelings and learn to live with our loss.

    Over 230 compassionate, committed and experienced volunteers form the beating heart of Cruse Scotland. They are our team – our family. We could not help the bereaved people of Scotland without them. We treasure each and every one of our volunteers – training, supporting and developing them as they, in turn, care for our clients.

    Mar Sin Leat covers grief on so many levels, the grief of a husband, the grief of a child, the loss of identity and transition of a child. How do we grieve as a child, an adult and how different that is for everyone?

    Can the death of a beloved pet trigger feelings buried deep inside? This is more common than you would believe.

    The film also highlights the isolation of the community when there is grief and loss. Whom do you turn to? Where can you find help?

    Cruse can help with all of the above with our helpline and now due to Covid, our zoom sessions. Of course, nothing will ever replace face to face but when isolated a telephone or zoom session can be a lifeline!

    Free Helpline: 0808 802 6161

    At a Loss - Charity signposting to bereavement support services, information, helplines and resources.